Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A bumpy 2016 and a better 2017, hopefully!

Started 2016 with a bad health condition.
Internship came at this time. Met a lot of new friends, ex-colleagues whom all I hope still remembers me. =D
Get to know Ping Pong. xD
I love team event! xD Singapore trip with colleagues. Met my friend there.
Went to Ipoh.
Had my first Penang Hill hiking.
Watched a performance at PPAC for the first time.
Finished internship.
Went to China. Met my lovely niece and nephew.
And the sad part comes.
Struggled a lot, and finally, 2016 ended.

FYP is still ongoing.
No sem break for me.
Fingers crossed everything will be alright.

2017 to-do list:
- Graduate.
- Have lots of trips. (Thanks, papa and mama. xD)
- Take care of myself.
- Find a job.
- Join any class. (dance perhaps?)
- Sleep early and wake up early. (After I finish my final sem)
- Exercise.

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