Sunday, 15 October 2017

A new life in SG

I have always hope to work in KL as I had spent my diploma and degree life at Melaka and Penang. It's time for me to go back to where I come from. Life doesn't plan out like how I thought it would.

Thus, my working life began at SG! Went there a week before to settle down in our new home xD Shopped for electrical appliances and get a postpaid SIM card! So excited to finally have data plan :P

5 weeks of working life (not exactly working life, training life actually) were very tough. 2 weeks of classes and 3 weeks of assignments. Most of the time we OT until very late. I guess it's partly due to our lack of knowledge in the language and framework used. But time seems to pass very quickly because of a bunch of hilarious colleagues. xD

So we have two guys who always pop out some "golden words" that will later on be our "slogan". Hahaha! Compliments people with "Kuat Kuat Kuat"! And whenever we coded and wanted to try out whether our codes work, "Ini kali lah" can be heard. xD "Near" is like macam yes, but most of the time, it's not even near to where you want to be. xD

Besides, we have waffle break once in awhile when we can afford it (be it time or money). And 2 out of 3 JAVA groups would be slacking and relaxing while the other team did their assignment seriously. A fatter version of me will be appearing soon.

Now we are left with presentations! All is well. Thanks for the wonderful 5 weeks memories. OT !== Overtime, but Only time with you. Only time with all of us. Even if we are assigned to different project teams later on, I hope we can gather once in awhile to reminisce our hellish 5 weeks.

It's only 3 girls in a 13 people batch. 
So we have 13 people in our September 2017 batch. And out of 13 people, we have 3 girls. xD Love them to bits!
Jalan-jalan cari makan part 1 with them!
 We went to the office on a Saturday. And decided to just call it a day and went food hunt at Upper Thomson Road. xD Sushiro recommended by Jeremy. And 2nd round for bingsu! Best bingsu I've ever tasted. Probably because boss belanja hahaha! Thanks boss!
Sept 17 batch! Celebration dinner for finally submitting our assignment 2.
First dinner together with all 13 of us! Steamboat at Bugis! How I wish we went for a 2nd round, but I'm glad we didn't as the next day we still need to wake up early for work. xD And without the 2nd round I'm still damn sleepy the next day.
Jalan-jalan cari makan part 2 with them!
I'm blessed to have a direct senior who really worried about me going out alone for dinner hahaha! And that's why we have this random outing! I wanted to try this vegan burger and jio them together! Turns out it's not just vegan burger that we tried, we went for dessert as well as roti canai too!

Not to forget about my family who came to SG during my mum's birthday. Although I was quite busy that period, but still managed to go to JB with them and had a great dinner at AMK park as well as visiting Garden by the Bay for the lantern event!
Dinner at Cornerstone! My treat! xD


Love this pic taken by sis! 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A bumpy 2016 and a better 2017, hopefully!

Started 2016 with a bad health condition.
Internship came at this time. Met a lot of new friends, ex-colleagues whom all I hope still remembers me. =D
Get to know Ping Pong. xD
I love team event! xD Singapore trip with colleagues. Met my friend there.
Went to Ipoh.
Had my first Penang Hill hiking.
Watched a performance at PPAC for the first time.
Finished internship.
Went to China. Met my lovely niece and nephew.
And the sad part comes.
Struggled a lot, and finally, 2016 ended.

FYP is still ongoing.
No sem break for me.
Fingers crossed everything will be alright.

2017 to-do list:
- Graduate.
- Have lots of trips. (Thanks, papa and mama. xD)
- Take care of myself.
- Find a job.
- Join any class. (dance perhaps?)
- Sleep early and wake up early. (After I finish my final sem)
- Exercise.

Monday, 26 December 2016

End of Nov - Dec!

I'm still as busy as ever, sleeping as late as ever, waking up as late as ever, and homework as many as ever. Still, I'm glad I get to celebrate occasionally hahaha! xD

First, I went to Queensbay with two siao zha bor. We wanna take pic with deco there! xD But I think the main point that day is foods and more foods! Went to Cho Dong Jib because BBQ Plaza is full. And bought llao llao and Aboong as dessert!

We wanna wear pretty pretty once in awhile hahaha! xD I started it first since I have never worn a dress this semester hahaha! xD BBQ Plaza another day as we didnt get to eat it today. >.<

And yes! Penang bridge marathon! xD I'm so happy I really join this. Because I'm so cheapskate I love all those freebies! xD Gonna really go train once I'm free. hahahaha!!! One fine day I'll start. xD

And next it's my mum's friend's daughter's wedding dinner. HAHAHA! At Kedah so I can attend! =D Foods there were really nice! And groom and bride are both really handsome and pretty!

And of course there are a lot more happening on this December but unfortunately I haven't got the time to copy my pictures to my laptop and with bad Wi-Fi connection I couldn't download pictures from my friends. Will update when I have the time and when I feel like it! xD Meanwhile, Merry Merry Christmas! xD

Wednesday, 2 November 2016









从槟城下来看五月天的演唱会!和他们吃了rocku yakiniku。特开心!难得找到那么能一起自恋的同事 xD



Tuesday, 13 September 2016

First Week of Final Year!

It's a pretty exciting first week. It's the most relaxing week I'll ever have during this semester so of course I have to make good use of it. Went for badminton session with Yi Wan, Connie and Lee Yuin. So sudden and spontaneous we decided to go without booking a court.

Almost every day it rains. For the first night, I went to 10's room and slept with Rui Qi. Worst sleep ever. Hahaha. I planned to sleep at 10++ since I have 8am class the next day and they both came to my room and had a very long chit chat until almost 1am. Appreciate this.

I never thought I can meet up with them the first week because they are always busy. Met up Sze Chia, Doris and also Rui Qi for lunch. A short lunch but it's enough to let us unleash our sampat mode.

Watched a movie "Train to Busan" with course mates. And redeem a free scoop of Haagen Dazs. Movie was a lil draggy to me. A lot of shocking parts but not those which will give you nightmares.

Again, dinner with 3rd year batch course mates. Free 1/4 Nando's Chicken!

No longer that close with them but I'm lucky I can still join them and have fun. Now that I am taking one subject with them, we will meet up quite frequent I guess. Our last gathering session is last year November. Hahaha.

Joined as a helper in a company's team building event. It's a good experience for me. Games can be pretty exciting and tough. Hahaha. And finally I bid for my FYP title. Let's hope All is Well! xD

Met up with ex colleagues! Chin Han, Yan Jun and Bling! For Menya Miyabi dinner!

And watched "The Secret Life of Pets"! Aww I love that movie! Gidget is so cute! xD

1st time watched 2 movies in a row. "Pete's Dragon" and "Don't Breathe". Not my usual kind of movie. But hmm.. nice experience hahaha! xD No more horror movie for me kay! xD

And as for Sunday, I went to Tree Top Walk with ex-colleagues as well! 10 of us! Wow it's like team building hahaha! xD
Cheese Tart!
Breakfast before starting our journey at Maxim Dim Sum! xD

Basically just walk around, and it's quite shaky that it makes me dizzy. Sing K session! Again! And dinner at Abu! xD Thanks for the treat!
Taj Mahal! This is RM9!
And oh yea, Happy Birthday John! xD

Monday, 29 August 2016

6/8/2016 - 13/8/2016: Oh Tau You 之厦门之旅

So we have been planning for a family trip since forever. Our last family trip was to Taiwan at August 2014. And there's cheap flight ticket to Xia Men for Rm1115 per person. So 7 of us, including my uncle, my auntie and my popo, flied there to find our relatives at 福建惠安.

It's my first time visiting them and I don't know what to expect. The moment we stepped out of the arrival hall we saw them waiting for us for quite long. Our flight has been delayed a lil. They drove us back to their kampung. xD And it's amazing! A big stone house just like what you would see in the TV programme 爸爸去哪儿.

And they build another house just opposite this main stone house and we went there visit and I saw my source of happiness - modem!!!! Chit chatted for awhile, they always serve tea so we have been drinking lots of tea for a week, after breakfast, after lunch, after dinner, just about every single time we have nothing to do.

1st dinner at kampung. OMG! We were shocked by the number of dishes they served. 9 dishes and 2 soups. Wow!

And the day ended with tea session. The day always end with tea session. Hahaha! I'm starting to like that kind of relaxing tea session.

Day 2

It's damn early when the sun shines through the window. We woke up at 6.15am OMG. Went to bai bai. xD The place where they place the ancestor's name to let us bai bai looks just like in the movie.

We went to a place where they have many statues there. And small kids bought a high tech cap that generates electricity to power the small fan using solar energy. Hahaha!

Took a few jumping pose there while others went to play by the beach. Watched a few performances there and time to head back. All those sun really tires one out.

Day 3

Went to 海丝艺术公园. Beautiful place. They have this space for smoke fountain or water fountain I'm not sure and it looks a lil like saharan, where you can get a pic of your reflection hahaha!

And I have no idea where is this. Hahaha! They just bring us to everywhere without telling us the name of the place.

Day 4

The most fruitful day. Hahaha! We went to 开元寺 -> 少林寺 -> 闽台缘 -> 清源山.

 So the tower behind us is 西塔. There are 东塔and西塔at the east and west side. This place is called 开元寺.

 Next we went to 少林寺. Seriously there are people here training kung fu and exercise.

 And here is 闽台缘. The picture on the background... is made by... firecrackers... yep. xD

 And my sis took this photo with her thumb in the pic. Haiz... Failed photographer.. xD

 Our dinner! Pretty nice! xD So weird, they really do love peanut. Even the 粽子 have peanut butter sauce at the bottom.

We went to 清源山 after dinner. To yumcha. xD Literally yumcha. There's a lot of people there even though it's a weekday and it's night time.
My cutie niece! xD Suddenly she wanna stick with us. Previously she just ran away when we asked her stuff. xD

And it's 七夕情人节 too! My China cousin bought 99 roses for his wife. Aww....

Day 5

After yesterday full activities, today is rest day. Hahaha! We practically stayed at the stone house and had tea whole day. We had a good look around the kampung in the evening, visiting the school, they not only have chicken and ducks, they have pig too! And it stinks. Hahaha!

Day 6

And we finally headed to Xia Men. Thanks to cousin and uncle, they fetched us from the kampung to Xia Men and helped us move to the new place. We booked it at AirBnB and it's not that bad! The only bad thing is it rained whole day. Sad.

We still managed to go to 中山路 in the evening though. We went shopping! And I had KFC mango ice cream! It tastes nice!

Day 7

Xia Men day tour. We planned to go 鼓浪屿 but unfortunately the tickets are all sold out. This gives us a perfect reason to visit here again! xD

We went to 厦门大学, at least we saw it, hahaha! Then we head back to our place and rest.

Our cousins came to visit us again! Had dinner together and walked around here. It was nice. Just relaxing.

Day 8

It's the day. We ended our trip by taking instax and we went to airport. Bye!

 This is just a small part of the family. Happy to know them. Hope to see them visiting Malaysia! xD

Gotta show some pictures of our meals. Seriously the portion is scary.

Hahaha! I had a relaxing and fun time there! xD Definitely going back there again! One day! =D